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Approaching running to the Torchlight from Castiglione to Solferino

Approaching running to the Torchlight from Castiglione to Solferino

The Italian Red Cross, this year again, reconfirms the Approaching running to the Torchlight opened to professional runners or amateurs; departing time: Saturday, 24th 6.00 PM.

This 14th edition will take part of all the events linked to Solferino 2017, which aim is to celebrate the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s values by running through the places which inspired its birth.

The running will link the International museum of the Red Cross in Castiglione with the Memorial in Solferino. These two cities represent the deep ideal of the Red Cross. In fact, the 24th June 1859, in Solferino took place the well-known battle which was also one of the bloodiest of the nineteenth century. Castiglione, the closest city to the battlefields, became a big open air hospital. There, the Genevian entrepreneur Henry Dunant, astonished by people’s solidarity in providing first aid to the injured, took the idea to give birth to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The running will precede the Torchlight from Solferino to Castiglione, which celebrates the most important ideal of “being all brothers” by ideally representing the 190 Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies all over the world that are actively involved in bringing help to who is in danger and needs neutral, impartial and laical assistance.

Running characteristics

Responsibility Subscription to the approaching running is, at the same time, the declaration of physical appropriateness to attend the event and the organization declines any responsibility for everything could happen during and after the manifestation

Running plan

  • 5.00 PM: Meeting point in Castiglione (parking Bersaglio – Piazzale Resistenza)
  • 5.30 PM: bags delivery
  • 5.45 PM: Introduction to the event 
  • 6.00 PM: start of the approaching running from the International Museum of the Red Cross, via Garibaldi 50 (Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mantova)6.00 PM -7.15 PM: Approaching running towards Solferino
  • 7.15 PM: Arrival in Solferino
  • 7.30 PM: Departure of a shuttle bus from Trattoria Speranza (località Staffolo) parking to bring the athletes back to Castiglione delle Stiviere

Itinerary Paved and a bit sloping, the running rhythm will be always under control to allow the group cohesion. Water will be provided halfway by the organization. A torch must be at the head of the group carried by the attendees alternatively. The running will occur with any climatic condition.

To participate

To join the running it’s necessary to fill the registration form and send it back to the e-mail address below: info@micr.itParticipation fee: 5 euro to pay at the siteRegistrations will take place at the International museum at 5.45 PM.
Each attendee will receive a hat. Please wear past editions t-shirt or a white one.



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