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Safety rules for Solferino 2019


Solferino 2019 will comply with the new regulations on safety and security as regulated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the formal letter dated 28 July 2017, in which the organizational model to proceed in order to guarantee high levels of safety during public events is defined.

Because of this, during the event important (safety) procedures will be implemented, as they were decided during the inter-force technical meetings that took place in the Prefecture of Mantova.

Procedures to be implemented: it will be required to always wear the identification badge in every area of the event. As security operators and law enforcement agencies will carry out the necessary checks, short waiting periods may occur at the entrances to the Red Cross Camp and Piazza Castello.

Dogs must be kept on a short leash and must have a muzzle available to use in case of need


It will not be possible to introduce glass bottles and alcoholic beverages in any area of the event. However, bars will be available both at the Red Cross Camp and in Piazza Castello in Solferino.

Appropriate emergency exits will allow the outflow in case of emergency. Likewise, the whole route of the Fiaccolata, will be protected by security personnel and road blocks.

It will not be possible to introduce any dangerous objects, such as bottles, cans, big backpacks, weapons, bicycles, drones, hoverboards if not authorized. The staff at the gates will be available for any relevant information.

At Red Cross Camp it will not be allowed to start bonfires and it will not be allowed to use electric / portable kitchens and refrigerators.


Signs will be clear and visible with the main rules to be followed, the rules of the event and a video surveillance system will be active.

Please, if necessary, carefully follow the indications of the security staff who will be present both at the Red Cross Camp and at Piazza Castello.

We are waiting for you!!!

For your safety, follow the instructions


At Red Cross Camp

At Piazza Castello, Solferino

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