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A Caccia dei 7 Principi (Hunting the 7 Principles)

A Caccia dei 7 Principi (Hunting the 7 Principles)

Saturday June 23rd June from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, 'A Caccia dei 7 Principi' will take place, a treasure hunt to discover the 7 Fundamental Principles, through the historical places of the Red Cross. This will involve not only the volunteers, but also the community.

To win the game, the teams should find 7 torches, each one corresponding to a Fundamental Principle. The team that will recover more torches in less time will have won the treasure hunt.

Why to participate?
To get informed, to have fun, to get exited

Get informed: You will discover a lot of curiosities about the Red Cross and the 7 Fundamental Principles
Have Fun: You will live a unique experience and meet new people.
Get exited: You will retrace, with other Volunteers, the historical places that inspired Dunant’s idea.

Short Program: 
9:00am Teams Draw
9:30am – 1.00pm Treasure Hunt at Solferino
6:30pm Winners Ceremony at Piazza del Castelo, Solferino

The Registration is individual and the teams will be selected by a draw before the start of the Treasure Hunt. Each team will consist of 5 participants. Registrations will close on June 18th by 11:00pm. 

Minimum number of participants 25 maximum number 100. The registration will be confirmed by e-mail from the organizers. 

To register, please click here: 

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